Flashpoints Panels
The ideal tool to support sales just as the consumer makes up his mind.

Flashpoints Panels are light, flexible panels and an ideal advertising medium. The appropriate setting of graphic elements and the lighting sequence makes it possible to create the effect of picture animation. 


Light-emitting posters
Animated stands
Floor and counter mats
Shel-fblockers, liners
Animated labels
Ambient Animated designations
Trade fair dispalys
Company materials
Light-emitting t-shirts

Example: Schweppes - animated poster in a frame - KV
E-flashpoints - E-paper
Considerably improves medium visibility by the consumer.

E-flashpoint displays are advertising materials, powered by a battery which remains operational for over 6 months. These advertising materials get the client's message across clearly and in animated format. The Panels are highly effective in in-store conditions and this is reflected in significant - and proven - increases in sales. .


- pricing strips
- stands
- displays
- hangers

Example: e-flashpoints display - a price-strip
VideoAd in Paper
An innovative form of advertising which enables video presentations, e.g. in printed press or books.

VideoAd in Paper is an innovative advertising medium connecting a standard print and multimedia material – a film or a presentation. It enables a display of an audio-video material immediately after its opening. It is the best method of reaching a recipient with a multi-media content which does not require any additional equipment or any further engagement.


Presentation portfolios
Newspaper inserts
Advertising folders
Tranining materials
Multi-media presenters

Example: Wyborowa - VideoAd, a catalogue with an interactive display.
Eco stands

ECO DISPLAYS are innovative solutions combining the advantages of carton stands (lightness, low production and transportation costs) and permanent stands (any shape/design, durability, strength and load-bearing capacity).


floor or counter

Mobile applications
All platforms, all possible technologies, a wide range of mobile devices

Applications for mobile platforms – IT solutions for mobile devices on popular platforms such as: iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone. We create both independent applications, such as games, and software which exchange data with server applications.


mobile applications
communication systems
augmented (virtual)reality

Example: Mobile application.
IT systems
Stable, multiway, innovative, modern and based on the latest technologies.

Advanced, dedicated IT systems which enable very complex operations for both service users and owners. An example of such a service is the auction portal or the trading and transaction platform which is an advanced system of information exchange or a social portal. Applications of this type can also be created for internal use within a company. These can be accounting systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems or other systems supporting management and information flow.


auction web sites
trading platforms
information exchange systems
CRM, ERP solutions

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